Mototipping Results – COTA 2019

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I know you have all been waiting for a graph of progress so far this year. At present I’ve only stirred up the old PC to give us Premiere class entrants, post COTA.

After a couple of rounds with Antonio in the lead, he has been relegated to 3rd place. A stong 2nd round leap by Bisho got him from 9th after Qatar to 2nd after Argentina to the lead at COTA. Stoner27 made it back to 2nd after faltering slightly in Rd 2.

Last year’s Premiere winners, Maloosh, Xena & KenC are currently lurking in 17th, 4th. KenC (Ken has not yet figured out how to pay his entry for the Premiere class) is in 28th in the Classic (free) competition. He would be just ahead of Maloosh by 3 points.

Biggest point scorers (Premiere) in each round so far, have been Antonio Rd1 with 122 points, Goodie Rd2 with 93 & Stoner27 at COTA with 101.

Goodie has been the biggest mover upwards from 26th in Rd1 to 6th after Rd2 – look at how steep his big red graph line is!

The average score so far this year is only 76 points!

Those of you who have not yet joined the Premiere class, you can do so until the start of Rd 7 at Catalunya in June. Your scores in the Classic competition will be carried over.

Good luck for today’s races at Jerez. 👍

Don’t forget to finalise your tips BEFORE Dorna’s original scheduled race start times. If races are delayed we stick to the original scheduled race start time for cut off of your picks.

If people not yet in the competition want to check out the Rules see:

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